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Windrush Celebration Event

  • Saturday 22 June 2024
  • 10am - 4pm
  • 74 High Street, Colchester, CO1 1UE
Past event

A vibrant event organised by the Colchester Caribbean Group CIC held on the anniversary of the docking of the Empire Windrush ship in Tilbury in 1948.

The day seeks to inspire a shared vision of inclusivity, equality, and cultural understanding for generations to come. It will embody the spirit of remembrance, resilience, and renewal by bringing together diverse communities, fostering dialogue, and honouring the past.


Attendees will be treated to the vibrant rhythms and melodies of traditional Caribbean music. Music serves as a universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people together, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean community.

Traditional Food

A tantalising array of traditional Caribbean cuisine will be available for attendees to savour and enjoy, offering a sensory journey that celebrates the flavours and culinary traditions of the Caribbean region. Food not only nourishes the body but also serves as a powerful symbol of cultural identity and heritage.

Craft stalls

Local artisans and vendors will showcase their talents and creations, offering a diverse selection of handcrafted goods and cultural artefacts that reflect the creativity and craftsmanship of the Caribbean diaspora. The craft stalls provide an opportunity for attendees to support local businesses while discovering unique treasures inspired by Caribbean culture.


The event will feature lively dance performances and entertainment, including cultural showcases and interactive activities that invite participation and engagement from attendees of all ages. Dance, as a form of expression and celebration, embodies the spirit of joy, resilience, and community that defines the Windrush legacy.

In collaboration with Colchester Caribbean Group CIC